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General Job Application letter

How to Write General Job Application letter / or Free Professional Sample Cover Letters for Job-Seekers 
Starting the letter:

1. In response to your advertisement in the Times of Dhaka dated August 8, 2000, I wish to apply for the post of office Superintendent in your institution.
2. I have learnt from reliable sources that post of labour Welfare Officer in your office has fallen vacant.
3. I am interested in the vacancy you have advertised in 'The Dhaka Times' dated July 8, 2000, for a Sub-editor and wish to offer my services for the same.
4. This is to inquire whether you have a vacancy of an office Assistant in your office.
5. I understand from Mr. Asif Kamal, one of your suppliers, that you wish to appoint a Sales Engineer.
6. As Mr. Asif Kamal will be leaving your office on 31st July. I wish to offer my service for the same post.
7. I wish to offer my services for the post of Sales Officer which, as I understand, falls vacant by the end of this month.
8. This is to apply for the post of Sales Manager in your office which you have advertised in The Times of Dhaka' dated 8th September, 2000.
9. With reference to your advertisement in 'The Statesman' dated 21st October, 2000, I wish to offer my Services for the post of Steno-typist in your organization.
10. I have learnt from a reliable source that the post of an accounting is lying vacant in your office. I wish to offer myself as a candidate for the same.
11. In response to an announcement made in the Employment News on 10th September, 2000, I wish to apply for the post of a Translator (Bangla to English)
12. Going through Employment News, I found that a situation of a lecturer in English is lying vacant in your college. I wish to offer my services for the same.
13. Please refer to your advertisement in 'The Times of Dhaka' dated 14th July 2000. for the post of a Law officer, I wish to offer my services for the same.
14. Having come to know through a monthly bulletin of your Dept., that you need a traveling salesman, I offer my services for the same post.
15. Through a circular issued from your office, I have come to know that the post of a Draftsman is lying vacant in your office. I offer my candidature through this application.

Middle portion of the letter is given separately in the forthcoming pages:
Closing the letter:
16. I look forward to hear from you.
17. I trust you will consider my application favorably and give me a chance to meet you.
18. I would appreciate an interview with you when I could alive you more details about myself.
19. I can come for an interview, at any time convenient to you. I enclose a self-addressed and stamped envelope so that you could respond to me.
20. I look forward to the opportunity of a personal interview.
21. I shall be grateful to you for an interview call at your convenience.

Various Job Applications

(Middle portion of the application for all types of jobs):
There are two different types of applications- one containing the particulars in the application itself and the other with a bio-data separately made. Their samples have already been given. You select anyone of those, according to your requirement. Here we give particular samples of various types of approaches for different job applications.

Accountant/Accounts Assistant:

1. I am a commerce Graduate from Dhaka University and have good knowledge of Accountancy, Auditing, income-tax procedure and company Law.
2. I can also draw up Balance sheets and profit and loss Accounts.
3. Apart from my work as Accountant you may find my knowledge of secretarial work also useful.
4. Now I have enough experience to take independent charge of maintenance of Accounts, preparation of bills and writing of account books.
5. I am computer literate and friendly with the software Tally.

Private Secretary

1. I completed my education in June this year and have been employed as an office Assistant with Apex Electric company. Although I do not have long experience, I am hard-working and take the work with great sense of responsibility. I am confident that your Secretary to your Managing Director.


1. I passed B.Com from Dhaka University in 1975, securing 52% marks and specialized in Book-keeping and Accounting.
2. I am, therefore quite well versed in book keeping and billing etc.
3. Having worked for three years as a Cashier in the Dhaka Textile Emporium, I have the requisite experience for the job.
4. I am computer literate and friendly with the software Tally.
5. If your rules require a security deposit I am willing to do so to a reasonable extent.


1. I can type accurately at a speed of 60 w.p.m.
2. I am excellent in word processing on Computer and is familiar with MS Word, Excel and MS- Outlook.
3. I am fairly acquainted with office work such as filing, indexing etc. and also possess elementary knowledge of book-keeping.
4. I have also been attending short-hand classes for classes for the last six months.
5. I have the ability to work for long hours and can cope with work pressure easily.
6. I take the work with a great sense of responsibility.

Labour Welfare Officer

1. I have studied Labour Welfare at the Dhaka School of Social Studies, and am a registered member of the Labour Welfare Officers' Association.
2. I speak English, Punjabi, Bhojpuri and Bengali Fluently and this enables me to deal easily with labour halling from different parts of the country.
3. I am well versed in labour and factory legislation and possess the requisite qualifications as provided under the factories Act.
4. On account of my present job in the textile mill I have adequate experience in handing industrial labour.
5. I have done a short-term course in computer and know its basics.


1. I completed my MLISC ( Master of library & Information science from IGNOU in 2000 securing 60% marks.
2. I am fully conversant with the DEWEY decimal classification systems.
3. I can competently manage all aspects of library routine, including classifying and cataloguing of books and periodicals.
4. I have worked in computerized environment and am familiar with the relevant software.
5. I am good at various search methods which include CD search and Internate surfing.


1. During my five years of driving career I have not had any accident.
2. I have never been challenged even for minor violations of the Traffic Rules.
3. I have fairly good knowledge of automobiles and can do minor repairs.
4. I am ready for a trial any time, at your convenience.
1. I completed B.Sc in Nursing from the Dhaka University in 1996 and am a registered member of the Trained Nurses Association of Dhaka.
2. I also hold the St. John's Ambulance Certificates of Proficiency in First Aid, Nursing and Hygiene.
3. My work has generally been appreciated by my superiors.
4. I can undertake both medical and surgical nursing and have long experience in handing children and the aged.

Personnel Officer

1. I hold an M.A. degree in Social Science from Bombay University and have also completed a correspondence course in Personnel Management from the London School of Correspondence Course.
2. I have sound knowledge of modern principles and practices of personnel management, aptitude tests, work incentives, etc.
3. I am also acquainted with the methods of merit rating and performance audit.
4. I have five year's experience as Assistant Personnel Officer in a public sector undertaking.
5. A short-term course on Computer that I have underrate with NIIT, Delhi, has enabled me to improve my productivity during my career.


1. My Short-hand and Typing speeds are 140 and 70 w.p.m. respectively.
2. I have also completed a course on book-keeping and secretarial practice.
3. I am good at English and thus can handle correspondence independently.
4. If required, I can also work in the capacity of a Secretary.
5. I am good at MS Office Software like Word. Excel, Power Point and Access, Besides handling e- Mail and Internet.


1. I am fully conversant with the theory and practice of store-keeping.
2. Having worked as an Assistant Store-Keeper with Appolo Surgical Company for two years, I have fairly good knowledge of handling and recording stocks.
3. I am fully conversant with all aspects of store-keeping.
4. Since I have also worked on a computerized Store Management System, I could increase my productivity by 200%.
5. On account of my training and experience, I am in a position to discharge efficiently all duties that are assigned to me as an store-keeper.
Telephone Operator- Receptionist
1. I have good command over spoken English and can also converse fluently in Bangali.
2. I have a pleasing personality and a well modulated voice, and can handle all inquires on the telephone.
3. I can handle the most modern EPABX and other Voice Storage systems.
4. I have completed a three months course of Telephone Operators and Receptionists from Reliance Commercial Training Institute, New Delhi.
5. I do maintain all my official contacts on computer and am well-versed on how to appropriately manipulate these data.

Private Tutor

1. I am a lind class Commerce Graduate from the Dhaka University and have been giving private tuition's for the last ten years.
2. As I have been an English teacher in Dhaka Public School for five years, I am familiar with all school requirements.
3. I can coach your son in all subjects and guarantee his progress in the subjects he is weak in, at present.
4. We can, of course, discuss the terms and conditions when we meet.

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