Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Congratulations for New Job

First show your happiness on getting the news:

1. How excited I am to know that you have been appointed a Sales Engineer/ Lecturer/Doctor in a local firm/ college/ hospital!
2. We are extremely thrilled that you have got a fantastic offer from a firm in the united states.
3. I am extremely happy to learn about your appointment as anexecutive with TELCO.
4. It is a great rellef to learn that finally you have managed to get a good job.
5. I am glad to know that finallyb you have got a good job.
6. It was nice to know that at last you got a better job of your choice.
Then, convey your congratulations:
7. Accept my heartiest congratulations on this happy occasion.
8. Hearty congratulations on great achievement.
9. You are really lucky to have got a job of your choice.
10. At last all your financial problems are, now, going to be over.
11. Please convey my congratulations to your son on his first appointment.
12. My congratulations and good wishes on your new assignment in a foregin company.
13. Everyone at home joins me in congratulating you.
14. Please accept my felicitations on getting a responsible position at such a young age.
15. I am sure your mother must bequite thrilled at your achievement.
16. Congratulations on your success in your continuous effort.
17. Hearty congratulations on fulfilment of your dream. Now you owe a grand party us.
18. It proves that every effort is paid sooner or later.

Making enquiries about the job will express your intimate concern for the person:

19. Does it require shift duties?
20. How is the beginning?
21. Is the work very taxing?
22. What kind of work does this job involve?
23. Will you be out of station quite frequently?
24. What all perks (perquisites) are you going to get?
25. For how long will you be on probation?
26. Do you find the job interesting?
27. How do you find the new office atmosphere?
28. Is your boss a nice person?
29. How is the beginning? you know that well begun is half done!
30. I hope it is a very challenging and enjoyable job.
31. Take it as good beginning and discharge your duties with heart and soul.
Convey your expectations of the person's quick promotions:
32. I don't think it will be difficult for a person like you to rise in your career.
33. I am sure within 10-15 years you will be the General Manager of the Company.
34. There are very good prospects in this job and you will like it.
35. Though the job involves hard work, the prospects for promotions are good.
36. I am sure you will be able to make a wonderful career from this.
37. For a person of your back-ground, it is easy to ascend the peak of excellence.
Give due recognition to the person's merit on getting the job:
27. Bright young men like you are assets to any organisation.
28. I am sure you will come up to the expectations of your superiors.
29. If there are any departmenatal examinations in your cadre, make sure to appear in them.
30. I have another friend in your firm andhe praises you for your splendid performance.

Close the letter with your good wishes:

30. I wish you all success in your new job.
31. I hope your new job will be rewarding and satsfactory.
32. Our good wishes are with your son who has made such a great start in life.
33. I wish you to create favourable impression on your seniors through your performacnce.
34. I hope, apart fromm the regular work, you are able to achieve someting spectacular.
35. I am sure you will contribute something substantial to the healthy growth of the organisation.

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